Canada's Most Loved - Reusable Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers

This pair of our cozy hand warmers will drastically increase the warmth and comfort of your mitts, gloves, and pockets!

Head and Body Warmer

This warmer is loved for its effectiveness in hats, toques, and helmets. Additionally, it’s large surface area gives you the versatility to add warmth wherever you need it, like a sore elbow or knee.

Natural Fur Cleaner

Natural Fur Cleaner, with a hint of Northern wild sage, is designed to clean and refresh, helping extend the lifetime of your fur warmers.

Foot Warmers

Cold feet? A pair of these foot warmers are the answer! Slip into your socks and ward off that pesky feeling.

Ulta Foot Warmer

Provide the most warmth by covering the top of your feet and enveloping your toes in a cocoon of silky-soft sheared beaver fur. This pair of Foot Warmers have more fur and fit comfortably inside your socks.

Sensory and unique items

Vehicle Mirror Charm, Earrings, Keychain, Ornaments, all add some Northern Canadian flare and help offer a sensory feeling to calm you in those waiting times.

Wrist Warmers

Wrapped around your wrists feels supremely comfortable and helps keep heat circulating to your hands while you enjoy the silky-softness of premium sheared beaver fur. The beauty in our Wrist Warmers is that they free your hands while providing continuous warmth and comfort.

Cell Phone accessories

Keep a piece of silky-soft sheared beaver fur on your phone case and feel more connected with the natural world. It is a great little stress reliever and one of our favourite products.

Gift Cards

Give the gift everlasting warmth your loved one will cherish for years! With your unique gift of sustainable warmth, they'll feel your love every time they're out in the cold.